Saturday, January 24, 2009

What happens when...

...everything you plan falls through??
For Erin's birthday she really wanted to go to a taping of the Cheslea Lately show. We totally lucked out and got tickets for the taping on Friday the 23rd. We had all taken the day off from work (for the most part) and were stoked about going up to LA for the day for some Hollywood glam. On Monday we get an email notifying us that the Friday taping was CANCELLED! Everyone was bummed, particularly Erin.
We decided we were still going to do something that day as we had it on our calendars. Erin loves roller coasters so going up to Knotts Berry Farm for the day seemed like a fun alternative. The weather was not looking good all week long. Friday we decided to deal with the weather and get on the road at about 10am and headed up to Buena Park. We are getting all excited because we can see the rides from the road, pull up to the parking lot, and there is a sign that says "PARK CLOSED" the words of Marissa "Defeated Again!!!" I now know exactly how Clarke Griswold felt upon arrival at Wally World.
We headed over to a Chili's to re-group. The first important move was to order 4 big size Coors Lights followed by brainstorming of what we could do.

We told our waitress about our botched birthday themed plans and she brought out the crew to sing happy birthday. We destroyed the yummy cake & ice cream!

We ultimately decided to go to the Irvine Spectrum (rich people mall) and engage in retail therapy. Arianne however had the brilliant idea to make a pit stop first. After a scooby snacks shot at Dave and Busters we had an intense skee ball tournament. We played 4 games and I obviously won with 1240 points...these girls had nothing on me! Carly had the lowest score and her punishment was to buy us another round of shots. Needless to say our shopping experience was enjoyable.
In the end, we had a great time together. Just proves the point its not the what, but the who that matters.

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