Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm on ETSY!

So I just opened a store on ETSY. ETSY is a great website where crafters and creators can put their items and sell them. There are some really great items on here, certainly worth a look. I put up some keychains I've been working on. I'm selling them to benefit the Relay For Life of La Jolla. Be sure to visit and purchase one if your heart so desires.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last night I put this little apron together. I'm happy with the results. Unfortunately, I will be afraid to use it because I won't want to get it dirty.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Team Jill

I love Jill from real housewives of New York. The other women I can do without, especially Ramona. Jill however is absolutely fabulous in every way..and I love that her husbands owns a fabric store and that she has a gay husband as well as her run of the mill everyday rich jewish one.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The onion

So we have this gross onion that started to sprout at the top. When Chris and I were both leaving for our work trips I wanted to throw it away, but he insisted on keeping it. I made him put it outside because I didn't want it to stink up the house. I went and checked on it the other day and it is still growing!

He says he is going to plant it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some of the Ladies

So some of the girlies came over tonight. It was good to get together and have some apps and enjoy fun bevs. I made a watermelon/lime drink as well as a pear/rosemary one. The drinks came out ok, I think I have some more tweaking to do, but they'll get to perfection eventually. Maybe I should use Grey Goose next time for a crisp taste. Regardless, we had an amazing time. Love my ladies!

L-R - Marcy, Picchi, Me, Valeria, Kristin, Dash

Friday, May 23, 2008

Got old sneakers?

Lately I've been trying to increase my personal sustainability. I'm slowly switching over to 'gentle' cleaning products and reducing my waste as much as possible. I am pretty proud of how well I've been doing, particularly for someone who loves cleaning with bleach and throws away everything and just buys new! I came across an article about how Nike will take your old sneakers (any brand) and recycle them, turning them into astro-turf etc. Rather than your sneakers sitting in a landfill because they have a big hole in the sole you can send them to Nike or drop them off at a store and they will be recycled. Kudos to Nike.
Here is the site:

A Toast to the Sox

Chris' Red Sox wine came today. I ordered him 1 of each player for his birthday which resulted in 6 bottles. I'm pretty impressed with how cool these are. Unfortunately the wine will most likely never be tasted as these are more a collectors item than beverage. Maybe i'll have to buy a few bottles so we can taste the wine.

Old Friends

I received an invitation to an old friends wedding yesterday. Chris and I will be flying back to Gloucester for the occasion. It's scary how old we are all getting. It seems each summer a new close friend gets married. One way or another the wedding will be a fun time considering my parents and their friends will also be there..lots of budweiser will be flowing I'm sure.
This picture is from new years eve 2000 when we were freshman in college.
L-R Cousin Kelly, Me, Kristie

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Love

I have officially fallen in love with my new Dyson.
I named him Danny after Danny Tanner because he is just as efficient (if not more so) in the cleaning department. I've used him on average of once a day since I got him. Danny has been a huge help lately because I have Ariannes dog's as she is in Australia. He has also picked up any remnant of other tenants and every scrap from all my craft projects. I wish I had a plug outside so I could use him to clean my car. Danny only cost me $300 on and was worth every penny.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Top Chef & Tom

I am obsessed with Bravo; project runway, real housewives, top chef...I can't get enough. As top chef is currently their piece de resistance I wait with bated breath for each weeks episode. As the show is dwindling down to less than 6 chefs I find myself hoping Tom is in more of the episode than the chefs. Chef Calicio is honest, tart, and for some reason hot. I know, hard to believe that I would say that, but for some reason I find myself totally into him. My guess is I think he's fab because he doesn't lie, cooks, and gets straight to the point...who doesn't love that! YEY TOP CHEF!

Whatever happened to data?

Why hasn't data from the goonies made any other appearances in movies? He should certainly have a cameo in the upcoming Indiana Jones film as his performance as Short Round in the Temple Of Doom is unparalleled..."okey dokey Dr. Jones". Who can forget his tirade about the $50 dollar bills not being real while inside the Fratelli's house. I looked him up on imdb and it says he was on head of the class. I'm pretty sure he was the skinny Asian guy who was friends with the big fat guy, but i'm not positive. Either way, I think he should make a comeback.

Last Night

So last night I started working on some other fabric related projects. Unfortunately having Sofie along with Arianne's two dogs hindered my ability to concentrate. I looked up from my sewing machine and Kermit had stuffing all over the floor and I pretty much lost it at that point. I did a get a few things done, including these wall hangings.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Cookie Cutters

Another set of friends are getting married come September and the bachelorette party weekend has been an email topic lately between the brides sister/MOH and myself. Since I made cookies for Christina's bachelorette party it is my duty to do the same for Picchi. However, i'm not sure I can top my Machado/McGough ones. I bought two dress cutters and 1 champagne bottle shaped cutter. Now I have to come up with a creative design and decide which one Picchi soon to be Kruger will enjoy the most....


While is was in College at UCONN there was a man there....a legend really...his name was Precious!
I happened to be introduced to him my Junior year of college when my name was Lynn and I was born in 1980. He pretty much is the most random person I've ever met anywhere, anytime hands down. My guess is he was named after Buffallo Bill's dog from Silence of the Lambs as he bares an uncanny resembelance to the character (person not dog).
I have a picture with him on a night he is donning his famous boat anchor sweater...I'll have to locate that in the archives.
For now, here is a video some genious created

First Entry

Today I decided to create a blog. It seems like the popular thing to do plus my projects and ideas are expanding beyond the space my brain has available.

My latest project came to fruition this weekend when I created two wall hangings with sewn birds on them. I basically printed bird shapes from Microsoft Publisher and used them as templates. I cut the paper up, traced them onto the fabric and sewed the shapes onto the main fabric piece. A few clicks of the staple gun and they were on the canvas. The point was to have mismatching fabrics and freyed seams (mom's not a fan of the seams), but I like how it came out.
If I was to do it over again i'd probably use a less 'busy' fabric for the base, but I couldn't resist how well this fabric matches the rest of the room it is hung in.