Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pirate Lego Party

Kieran said he wanted a Pirate Lego birthday party...so that was what he had!  Instead of giving gifts to my fave little kiddos I volunteer to help out with their parties when it comes to decorations, favors, and cakes.  This way their every busy parents dont have to stress about that part and I get to have fun planning and plotting. 

While a Pirate Lego party seems easy...it wasn't so much.  I pretty much had to create all the paper stuff from scratch...but that makes it fun.   I also got lucky as I happened to be in Carlsbad two weeks before the party and got into Lego Land for 1 hour to shop!  I went crazy looking for stuff and thanks to my pal Jamie P. who went the weekend before I knew I could score some cool bags with Pirate Lego people on them.  I also scored lots of other fun stuff.

Making the cake was pretty easy as it was just a square.  The lego figureine was my first attempt at working with cereal treats and covering them in fondant.  It was surprisngly really easy.  I even tried to get the birthday boy to bite the head off, but that was a no go.

Room Re-Do Results

When I want to do something, that pretty  much means I'm going to do it RIGHT AWAY.  I have zero patience so when I get something in my head there is little to no time before I start working on.  

After I found the inspiration pics in my previous post I went to work.  I went to Home Depot that night and grabbed a handful of paint colors I liked.  When I got home I stuck them on the wall next to the window.  I waited until the next morning when the natural light was shinning through the room and picked my color.  That day after work I went back to Home Depot and grabbed the necessary supplies.  

By 11pm that night the room was all painted and by Friday afternoon the mirror and shadow boxes hung to finish everything up.  I ended up spending $50 on paint and supplies because everything else I had on hand. What a difference paint makes in a room!

It is super bright, but I dig it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You want to what?

So as my travels have subsided for a while I am obsessing over the house.  What I want done (lights in all the rooms, hardwood floors in the bedrooms, french-doors in the dinning room that opens OUT) and what will actually happen are two very different things.  I figure that if there are a few quick and easy things I can do myself on a low cost Doezy will leave me alone about it.  Unfortunately when I told him I wanted to do some re-decorating in the guest bedroom he said "you want to what?".  He knew when he met me that I like to change things often so this really shouldn't come as a surprise. 

Here are some inspirations of what I'm thinking:

The room is tiny so can't have too much furniture.  We already have a perfectly good black cast iron look alike bed frame from Ikea  that I plan to use with a matching mirror.  Also I have both black and white bedding that can be used in the room so that is another item I wont have to buy.