Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You want to what?

So as my travels have subsided for a while I am obsessing over the house.  What I want done (lights in all the rooms, hardwood floors in the bedrooms, french-doors in the dinning room that opens OUT) and what will actually happen are two very different things.  I figure that if there are a few quick and easy things I can do myself on a low cost Doezy will leave me alone about it.  Unfortunately when I told him I wanted to do some re-decorating in the guest bedroom he said "you want to what?".  He knew when he met me that I like to change things often so this really shouldn't come as a surprise. 

Here are some inspirations of what I'm thinking:

The room is tiny so can't have too much furniture.  We already have a perfectly good black cast iron look alike bed frame from Ikea  that I plan to use with a matching mirror.  Also I have both black and white bedding that can be used in the room so that is another item I wont have to buy. 

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