Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pirate Lego Party

Kieran said he wanted a Pirate Lego birthday party...so that was what he had!  Instead of giving gifts to my fave little kiddos I volunteer to help out with their parties when it comes to decorations, favors, and cakes.  This way their every busy parents dont have to stress about that part and I get to have fun planning and plotting. 

While a Pirate Lego party seems easy...it wasn't so much.  I pretty much had to create all the paper stuff from scratch...but that makes it fun.   I also got lucky as I happened to be in Carlsbad two weeks before the party and got into Lego Land for 1 hour to shop!  I went crazy looking for stuff and thanks to my pal Jamie P. who went the weekend before I knew I could score some cool bags with Pirate Lego people on them.  I also scored lots of other fun stuff.

Making the cake was pretty easy as it was just a square.  The lego figureine was my first attempt at working with cereal treats and covering them in fondant.  It was surprisngly really easy.  I even tried to get the birthday boy to bite the head off, but that was a no go.


monkeyDluffy said...

I’m throwing a LEGO party for my son! Where did you have that lego design?? I love it!! Any help you have would be awesome!

Lego Party Supplies

thepeddycords said...

Ok, you are fabulous! Move over hostess with the mostess Kiley is in town!