Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Ever

My friends are truly the bestest bests! My 27th birthday was last week and I had an amazing time . Chris surprised me on Thursday by inviting friends to a restaurant and surprising me when I got there. I had NO idea. I think it was the first time I was ever surprised because i'm so nosy. Friday we both took the day off and lounged around. Neither of us were feeling that fantastic. I got a facial from my fave esthetician and read all day. It was fantastic! Saturday was my birthday bar crawl, which was simply glorious. My fabulous friends put on an 80's themed bar crawl that took us around mission beach and ended at Canes to see Tainted Love, my fave cover band. Everyone dressed up and had a great time. Karen made me a fabulous cake, Erin/Carly/Arianne had some fun banners, and Picchi had trivia games complete with awesome prizes. It was probably my best birthday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Like no place on earth

Venice Beach is easily one of the strangest yet funnest places on earth. The first time I went to this epicenter of weird was when I was out here visiting the Muniz' in middle school. I bought an Eiffel tour dress (which I still have) at one of the sketchy shops and just enjoyed people watching with the family. I thought it would be a fun trip for Brit, Warren, Chris, and I for Sunday. The day was beautiful and the nutso people were all out. Mom even was able to see us from her computer room in MA on a web cam she found. Warren bought a fantastic EZ E shirt and Brit got an awesome painted skull for her sister. We naturally saw the crazy street performers and legions of homeless people who flock to Venice for attention and spare change.

Warren & EZ E's 'dad'Scary mannequin head

Monday, March 9, 2009


Warren and Brittany came out to visit for their spring break and we hit up Hollywood on Saturday. Obviously we took a tour and as usual it was fantastic. We went to places I'd never been before which was nice. Here are some photo's of our fun day:

Outside the playboy mansion. That' sour little convertible truck/bus!

MJ's rental house with Christmas decor still up!


We got to see homes owned by Will Ferrel, Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Aniston, Dr. Phil, Nicole Ritchie, Candy Spelling, David Spade, and many more! Our tour guide Brian was fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A woman I am working with here in Tennessee has a vanity plate on her car. She is a pretty nice lady and saw nothing wrong with what she chose to have seen by every person that ever drives behind her car. We had someone here ask her what it meant and it doesn't mean what you may think. She gets notes left on her car quite often I guess inquiring about her preferences and social schedule.

It stands for:

Society of Women Engineers