Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Ever

My friends are truly the bestest bests! My 27th birthday was last week and I had an amazing time . Chris surprised me on Thursday by inviting friends to a restaurant and surprising me when I got there. I had NO idea. I think it was the first time I was ever surprised because i'm so nosy. Friday we both took the day off and lounged around. Neither of us were feeling that fantastic. I got a facial from my fave esthetician and read all day. It was fantastic! Saturday was my birthday bar crawl, which was simply glorious. My fabulous friends put on an 80's themed bar crawl that took us around mission beach and ended at Canes to see Tainted Love, my fave cover band. Everyone dressed up and had a great time. Karen made me a fabulous cake, Erin/Carly/Arianne had some fun banners, and Picchi had trivia games complete with awesome prizes. It was probably my best birthday!

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