Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful Things Swap

I came into work today to get a few things done before we take off this afternoon. I was excited to see this box on my desk!

I had an idea that it was waiting for me because my partner in the swap, The Stitching Surgeon mentioned that she had sent it. Everything in it is so perfect! Included were:

  • Fabric Scrap Pack - Ironically two of the fabrics in here I once had! I loved them so much I used the rest of what I had on my little birdies...I'm stoked to have more of the brown and blue polka dot along with some other great prints.

  • No Cash Wallet - Along with my partner, I don't carry cash...EVER! This little walet is perfect for when I go out and just need a few cards and my id.

  • Fabric Covered Button Hair Elastics - I've been dying to try and make these, but just haven't gotten my act together. My hair is always thrown up in a pony tail shortly after I get into work so these will be great to keep in my desk.

  • Vintage Tea Towel - The towel has eggplants...my favorite vegetable! So sweet.

  • Vintage Apron - I am a huge fan of vintage aprons and have started collecting some. My mothers friend got me started with a few from the 70's that I just love! This will be a great addition to my budding collection. The little cherries on it are priceless.

  • A Monogrammed Wallet - I love anything with a monogram on it! I have been doing A TON of hand monogramming for christmas gifts, but can't post much about it because of my regular readers. A monogramming machine is on my list of 'wants', but because of space I haven't been able to get one. This wallet is great...plus K is obviously the best letter in the alphabet!

  • Smelly Creams & a Loofa - I ALWAYS need bath gel. I run out and forget to buy more. This bottle will be my backup, which means that when the one I'm using runs out I will be using this bottle. Also, I keep cream on my nighstand so the bottle of lotion already has a spot!

  • Clothespins - I am a fan of clothespins because they remind me of my grandmother. I always used to help her hang her clothes outside. She said that drying outside just gave your clothes a fresh crisp smell. I remember dipping my dirty little fingers into the hanging bag with the pins in it and putting clothes on the line with her. These made me think of her today!

This swap was one of the funnest things ever! Thinking of things for my partner and then receiving is just such a fun experience. I think that if I knew my partner in 'real life' aka not through blogs we'd be great friends!

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The Stitching Surgeon said...

Yeah! I'm so glad your package made it safely! And I am even more glad that you like my thankful things. :) I agree...this really was great fun! What a great swap idea. I'm so glad we were partners!