Tuesday, December 2, 2008

West Coast Tour Day 1

Our first day on our trip started in San Luis Obsipo and ended in Monterey. Driving the coast from SLO to Monterey was absolutely amazing! The views were beautiful and unique. Dad drove the windy roads and hairpin turns. Thankfully the weather didn't hit till about half way through Big Sur so we were able to see quite a bit before the rain came.

I realized the night before that Carmel is home to an Alice Shop that boasts itself as 'offering one of the largest collectoins of items from the world of Alice in Wonderland'. This is easily one of the biggest lies i've ever read! I can create a store with the stuff just in my Del Mar apartment bigger than this store! If I was to put all my collection of Alice stuff it would be 5 times the stuff they had in this store. It was a major disapointment. However, Carmel made up for it. It is easily the cutest little town with an old english feel.

We headed over to Pebble Beach to walk around and for a drink. The course was beautiful, but the prices as you can guess outrageous. We grabbed a drink (or two) at the pub and then headed out to Monterey.
We walked around Cannery Row for a bit and then grabbed BBQ for dinner. The place made some GREAT Mac & Cheese! Dad and I enjoyed many beers and then it was to bed for the night.

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