Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To Bump Or Not To Bump

That is the question!

I'm sitting at Logan airport waiting to get back to San Diego after spending a week home with the fam and friends. We got here this morning and were scheduled to fly out at 8:45 and get into San Diego at 2:30, which was fantastic. I already planned how I could be at Target by 4 and catch up on the after christmas shopping I missed out on by being in freezing cold G L O.

However, when any type of monetary reward is dangled in front of my face I jump at the opportunity. Chris and I decided to bump and each got $300 vouchers towards a later flight. The lady at the ticket counter was nice and upgraded us to first class for our flight from Dallas to SD.

We are sitting in the new American terminal and trying to kill the time before our 1:30 flight. I've got plenty of work to do so thats keeping me busy. Sofie is sleeping soundly in her bag and Chris pretending to study, but I know him better than that.

Here is a pic of the baby girl napping in her baggy while I am typing away on the computer.

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goodmorninggloucester said...

Outstanding Move!

Once you have children you'd never bump, good on you for taking advantage!


Did you see the horny penguins this morning?