Thursday, December 4, 2008

West Coast Tour Day 4

Saturday morning we woke up and had our family portraits taken! Everyone behaved and I think the pictures will come out fantastic. Jennifer at Poise Photography took them and was very friendly and allowed me to be the bossy person I am. After the photos we went to a Farmers Market where I found supplies for something I've been wanting to do...EAR CANDLING! I bought two sets and did Tyler & Karli's ears. Tyler chose to have it done on the front lawn so everyone was watching, including people walking by wondering why my brother had a flaming wax stick coming out of his ear. He said it really made a difference and you can tell that the stuff left in the candle is indeed ear wax...not candle wax. I can't wait to get my own ears done. It also proved that my brother will pretty much let me do anything to least once.

After the ear candling we headed to the Sierra Nevada Brewery for lunch. The food was fantastic, but I am not a huge fan of beer that's not Coors Light. We required everyone at the table to take a sip of each sample from the tray and whoever started the taste had to drink whatever was remaining.

After the brewery we went to Bidwell Park. It is an amazing 3,168 acre municipal park that encompasses a canyon. We went to the Bear area and walked around for a bit. Tyler decided to try and go for a hike in his Teva's and we wall watched him scale the rocks like he was spiderman!

We then headed back to the hotel I proved that my napping habit is hereditary as dad, myself, and Sofie all took naps before dinner. The nap was followed by a great Thai dinner and then scrabble and beers at Tyler's.

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