Wednesday, December 3, 2008

West Coast Tour Day 3

Day 3 started bright and early with Mom, Dad, Ty, and Karli heading off to an Alcatraz tour. Chris and I got to sleep in a bit, but were tasked with getting everyones luggage packed and picking them up at Pier 33 at 11:30. After we picked them up we headed over to Haight Ashbury for lunch and a bit of shopping. Mom was pretty stoked to be somewhere she had read and heard about for years. I picked up some El Dia De Los Muertos fabric by Alexander Henry at a craft shop there...I was on vacation so 9/yard for fabric is allowed.
After the Haight we headed to see the Painted Ladies..aka the Full House house. This was the scene of my first breakdown as I put in the wrong address in the tom tom, we needed Gas, and I flipped someone the bird and Dad was NONE TOO PLEASED with that! No matter how old you are your parents still are your parents I guess. We headed out of town towards Muir Woods where everyone sort of wandered around for a bit. At about 5pm we took off towards Chico!

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Beege said...

i believe that was two birds to two different people....