Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I really want..

a sewing room all to myself! Currently in our tiny, cramped, over paid for apartment I do all my sewing on the kitchen table. I have to do my cutting on the stove and use the ironing board for much more than ironing. I get super jealous when people post on their blogs about how they've redone their craft space. I keep everything in big tubs and have to lug it all out of my closet whenever I want to work on something. Huge pain in the butt. Hopefully, Chris and I will be buying a house in the next year or so and since we have no immediate plans to either get married or have kids I can probably convince him that a craft room is 100% necessary. The photo below is of Heather Bailey's sewing room. She is an amazing designer, craftster, sewer, and artist. Everything about her is Just fab. You can find her blog on my blog roll (hello my name is heather) or check out her amazing fabrics and paper products here.

a girl can dream............

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KellyinVA said...

I love Heather Bailey too. Her sewing room makes me drool! I just bought all the fabric to do a quilt in the Freshcut.