Monday, February 23, 2009

Hotel Room Crafting

I'm in week 2of my 3 week stay here in Tennessee. I was supposed to leave last Friday the 20th, but am now here until the 5th. I had no choice, but to get started on my birthday skirt for the bar crawl/tainted love show. I want a BIG HUGE PUFFY PINK tulle skirt and I think I succeeded in making one. I went to the Joanns in Knoxville and got myself the necessities, which was everything because I am in a hotel with no supplies. Obviously I had to hand sew the entire thing. I think that when I get home I'll go over the hand stitches with my machine just to double up on security. I know it will get 80's crazy and don't want to lose my clothes!

Here is what hotel crafting looks like:

I used my pillow as a form and the ironing board as a table...lovely!

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