Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I can't wait for..

...the button chocolate molds I ordered from www.bakeitpretty.com get here! I'm hoping I get them before Thursday so I can use them for some of my Heart Day treats. Every year I send a big tray of yummies to work with Chris. It gives me an excuse to try and create different goodies that I don't normally do. Also it's nice to make something that's pretty and made of something OTHER than fondant, which lately rules everything around me. I flooded some cookies last night and Chris went directly to the kitchen table when he got home and spotted them. He and Sofie stood their looking longingly at the cookies and our conversation went like this:

C: "there are only 25 cookies here you know"

K: "really, that's good"

C: "don't you think that 24 is a better number than 25?"

K: "I don't much care really, but you're not having any cookies"

C: "but don't you just prefer to have 24 cookies instead of 25, its such a better number"

K: "no Chris I don't prefer one number over the other and under no circumstances can you have a cookie"

C: "what if its broken?"

K: "you still can't have one"

C: "have you had any?"

K: "no Chris, I haven't had any"

C: "I licked this one I have to eat it now!!!"

K: "you fake licked it and I'm not falling for that"

silence for about 30 seconds

C: "I just found one on the chair that fell off so now you have 26, you said you were ok with 25 so if I eat this you'll be right back at 25 and it won't matter"

At this point I give him my 'if you don't shut up right now I'm going to kill you' look and he gave up.

However, you can be sure I'll be counting the cookies when I get home as he's been known to get up late night and eat anything he can get his hands on.


Anonymous said...


Mrs. B said...

I have to agree with Chris... 24 is the better number

beege said...

you should always have Chris do a taste test...what if you had accidentally put, say, 2 cups of salt instead of 2 cups of sugar or a tablespoon rather than a teaspoon of baking soda in the cookie dough..he's only trying to spare you a little potential embarrassment..

just saying....

hannah said...

those button chocolate molds are really cute!