Monday, June 16, 2008

US Open - Torrey Pines

I ended up getting tickets to Sunday's US Open and had more fun than I could've imagined. We got to see Tiger tee off, putt, and chip. More importantly we got to watch about 10 players walk directly in front of us on their way to the 15th hole from the 14th green. Geoff Ogilvy, Rocco Mediate, Lee Westwood, Miguel Jimenez, and many others. The highlight of the day was certainly when Rocco walked by us and I flipped out because of his peace sign belt buckle! How rad is that. Oh ya, and Lee Westwood winked at me when I did my signature 'woohoo' chant.

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Beege said...

"The Girl's dad is a complete moron if he passes up a chance to see the final round of the US Open in person"....
Martin Del Vecchio

i must agree..