Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dogs do the darndest things!

Dogs are always falling asleep, laying down, and cuddling in the strangest positions. Sofie's favorite is to lay next to my hip with her face completely tucked under her tummy. It's super cute and very flexible of her. My mom sent me a picture of my sister Maizy sleeping in a silly position last night. I can't wait to go home and visit with her in July. Unfortunately Sofie will not be making the trip with me as I have to travel to VA for work after my trip home and am staying in a non-pet friendly hotel (not my choice). Maizy will be happy though because she hates other dogs, she is pretty bitchy like her mother and sister. Sofie however loves everyone and tries to give her aunt some love, but Maizy is unaccepting...she is a street dog from Puerto Rico through and through! And yes, I am 100% aware that referring to my mothers dog as my sister and my dog as my daughter is lame!