Monday, June 23, 2008

I am the new Carmen San Diego

I found out on Thursday at around 2 that I was needed to work on a proposal in South Carolina. I spent the weekend with Chris as he was home, went to the Padres game on Sat. night, drank all the beer they had in downtown San Diego, and left the house the next morning at 6am. My plane to Dallas was a regular sized plane, but the one to South Carolina had about 50 people on it. Sounds like a lot, but not really considering there are usually over 100.

Arriving here wasn't so bad, but people down here are different than what my fast paced personality is used to. First of all, the only place 'in the south' I've ever been is Orlando, Florida and I'm pretty sure that is exempt. Second, I get frustrated with people who take FOREVER to get words out of their mouth...needless to say I'm ready to lose it down here. Only 4 more sleeps then I'm outta here!

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Beege said...

just take a ride in any direction and you might be somewhere you could have a little fun..
Go North-West and you'll be in Pumpkinville.
Due North is Paris.
East is Snoddy.
and if you go South you'll find Simpsonville.