Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Office

The office is the room I thought I'd be spending quite a bit of time in considering that I work from home often.  However, Chris actually works in here more when he isn't travelling and I setup in my craft room.
We kept the walls the same color in this room and just decorated.  This room definitely has some big pieces that pull the room together.

The shelves are actually two separate units from Ikea pushed together.  This was a big bang for little buck.
We got the desk free off of craigslists and eventually sanded, painted, and replaced the pulls.  What a different this made.  I went from hating the desk, to loving it! 

I got some cool math art for a great price at 20X200.  It's perfect for an office and its letterpress which I heart big time.

My favorite piece in this room is the map.  Chris LOVES maps.  I bought him this huge one and had it framed for valentines day last year.  We have stickers on it for all the places we have travelled. 

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