Monday, January 10, 2011

Popcorn with Truffe Oil & Parmesan Cheese

One of my favorite restaurants is Blanca in Solana Beach, CA.  For a swanky atmosphere, delicious drinks, and tasteful appetizers this places Happy Hour can't be beat.  One of their offerings that I favor is the Popcorn with truffle salt and Parmesan.  I love popcorn so the addition of truffle oil to a great snack is fantastic. 

So tonight, I did my own take on this delicious appie.

I bought midnight black popcorn at Homegoods for pretty cheap and measured out 1/3 of a cup.

Next I measured out 1/8 of a cup of truffle oil/olive oil.  I didn't want to use all truffle oil because I just couldn't bare to part with that much for one snack, so I did about 1/16 truffle oil and 1/16 olive oil.
That went into a big pot set on high and I dropped in two popcorn kernels.  When the two kernels popped I knew that the oil was ready.

It only took a few minutes for the popcorn to start popping in the pan.  I was at least smart enough to put the cover on so all the kernels didn't pop right out of the pot. While the popcorn was in the pan I grated about 1/4 a cup of Parmesan cheese. 

When the popcorn was finished popping, I put it in a bowl, added some salt and pepper, then the cheese and tossed it around.


The popcorn was yummy, but the taste of the truffles was not easy to find.  I think using the dark popcorn masked the truffle flavor a bit.   All in all it was a good snack.


starsquiggle said...

i have been waiting for you to use the truffle oil for popcorn...i know how much you love it at Blanca..but, i thought the oil went on after the corn was popped?

Kiley said...

Blanca actually uses Truffle Salt if I read their menu right, no Truffle Oil at all...

thepeddycords said...