Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tendercrop Farms and the Llama love fest

Brenda and I took a ride up to Newbury today to browse around Tendercrop Farms.  I was told that when I had been there as a kid, but couldn't remember it.  Once we pulled in the fence helped me remember being there before.  I'm pretty sure the buffalo that I climbed the fence to watch as a kid is still there.  But, the buffalo really wasn't the main was the llama. 

We brought along Sofie and as soon as we got her out of the car she went straight to the fence.  For once I was a responsible dog owner and had her a leash..otherwise she may have met her demise as the Llama's late lunch.  She was OBSESSED with this big furry animal.  She got as close as she possibly could, which was pretty close.  She was smelling the llama's behind and inspecting the rest of it's body.  The Llama was pretty unimpressed and would occasionally turn its head, pose like Maizy (mom's dog), and then go back to staring off into space.

After letting Sofie spend quality time with the llama, we checked out the buffalo (she wasn't nearly as interested), and then headed inside.  There was a market downstairs and upstairs a room filled with beautiful dried flowers.  They were only $3.99 a bunch!

We strolled back over for another Sofie/llama love fest and then fed the chickens.  There were a few of them that had hilarious feathers.  2 of them had crazy head feathers and another one had feathers on it's shins (or that general area because I'm not sure if chicken have shins) that looked like some indian ceremonial outfit.

Oh yeah...on the way home we scored pumpkins from a stand outside someones house for $1!!!  Gotta love fall in New England.

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