Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lets talk a lil shellac

I love having painted nails. But generally don't have them done because:
1.  I cannot stand chipped nails and my nails chip pretty quickly because i'm always scrubbing or picking at something.  
2.  No matter how hard you try, you cannot paint them yourself and have them look as good as at the salon.
3.  I don't like having my nails drilled or filed down to nothing so no Gel.
4.  I can't stand having fake nails. nails generally are not painted.

However, when Sam and Kaela told me about Shellac I was over the moon.  First I'd heard of Axium and tried it out...didn't last.  So I decided to try Shellac.  Sam and I got our nails done for Scott's wedding last Thursday.  It was $30 for the manicure and so far it is WELL worth it.  No chips and they look pretty good.  I'm even wearing the darkest color they offered which would certainly show chips easily.

This stuff may change my life!

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