Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tahitian Flowers

When people get a nice camera I think one of the things they are just drawn to are flowers. First off they are mostly that makes photographing them easy. On top of that the colors for some reason can be so rewarding when transltated into a digital fie. Also, you can stand in front of a plant and play with your camera; change the settings, use the flash, use pre-set mode, change your ISO...the possibilities are endless. Try doing this with a person as a subject!
In Tahiti the flora and fauna are unbelievably beautiful. You really can't help yourself when everywhere you turn there is a new flower staring at you that immediatley grabs all of your attention.

When we arrived in Tahiti most women and man men were wearing flowers behind one of there ears. At first I thought this was just something hotel employee's did to create a paradise like atmosphere for the guests. However aftera few days on the island it was clear that this wasn't the case. People wore them in there every day life. Here is how to translate what the flowers mean:
behind right ear -single & available
behind left ear - married, engaged, or otherwise taken
behind both ears - married, but still available
backwards behind either ear - available RIGHT NOW