Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're going for it!

A craft fair being 'it'! Mich and I are going to be selling some of our glorious yet to be made sewing projects at a craft fair. While a craft fair is 80's and probably makes you think of hand panted wooden cut outs...Mich and I are taking it to another level! Coffee Cuffs, Key Chains, Aprons, Luggage Bands, and any other crazy thing we can come up with will be for sale. All the proceeds go to benefit my Mother mother's Relay For Life Team; Friends For Friends! We need to get sewing.


starsquiggle said...

Friends for Friends thanks you both!!

Mrs. B said...

the craft room is going to get plenty of use this weekend..

thepeddycords said...

When is it? Can you bring some "pre-sale" items when I see you in the city??? I'm so sorry I missed you while you were here. Emma is STILL sick. She's been throwing up now for 7 days. Poor baby g.