Monday, September 14, 2009

I know I fell behind...

but it was for a good reason, not just being lazy.
My computer DIED....and I had to go to Cali for work. While I wasn't too enthused with traveling 4,000 miles for a 3 hour meeting with a crappy loaner computer I did get to visit with friends..which is always fantastic. I got to see lots of amigos and amigas as well as eat at Kemosabe! Good Things Growing may be my favorite meal item ever!

While I was away a sweet little baby girl was born. We've all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Brancaleone and she came just before I boarded my plain to Oakland.

Janelle Olivia Brancaleone of the Branc2 is the cutest! I got to meet her yesterday and love love love her. She is not only blessed with amazing parents, but a seriously loving Auntie Mich and Uncle Mink who are going to spoil her rotten. I brought my camera along for our first rendezvous and only took 167 photos.

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Mrs. B said...

love the pic of Janelle