Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nursery Chandlier

I heart the way chandeliers look in nurseries.  For some reason it just gives the room a fancy  accessory to go along with all the other usual nursery must haves that are not so fancy(changing pads, video monitors, sound machines, the list goes on).  Unfortunately, the bedrooms in our house do not have overhead lights so we had to install from scratch and I was adamant that it be on a dimmer.  It just seems much easier to be able to turn the light on a low level when checking in on the little one to make sure she's breathing.  With my obsessiveness I'm sure that will be a frequent occurence in this house.

I sent off to Chris a handful of ones that I liked and even one non-chandelier that I also had a jones for.

We ended up picking this one from Walmart of all places. 
For the Walmart discount price of $49.98 it fit our price range perfectly.  Chris spent his Saturday running the wiring and come up and down from the attic to the bedroom.  His brother happend to stop in  just when the light wouldn't work unless a lamp plugged into a switch was turned on.  He used his good ole GHS electrical shop knowledge to tell Chris how to fix it in less than 5 minutes.  It was a big help!

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