Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kiley & the Chocolate Factory

The past three nights here at Doeviswood have been spent producing mass quantities of truffles.  I like to bring something to the people in the office I work closely with and other miscellaneous people (the guy who drives my work shuttle, mail-lady, security guy who lets me in the garage without a key card).  I knew that I had to get the truffles finished and boxed before my husband got home because he likes to sneak anything sweet that I make and then lie about it. 

I made a bunch of different kinds using the most fattening ingredients available.  I also refuse to use the wilton  melting chocolate because my mom trash talks it, so I struggle with chocolate bars, which are not for candy making.  Nonetheless they came out yummy.  I also did some with chocolate peppermint cookie centers a la Bakarella's cake balls. 

I wrapped them up in some boxes I got on super clearance last year and voila they are ready to go.

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Anonymous said...

here's why i trash talk Wilton Candy Melts

"Actually Winton’s melts are not really chocolate. If you look at the ingredients label you’ll see that there is no cocoa butter, but instead some type of vegetable oil. On the package you will not find the word chocolate unless it is as “chocolate flavored”. Real chocolate contains cocoa butter and is much harder to work with than the confectioners coating buttons you find at the craft store. The ease of use of a vegetable oil based coating verses real chocolate makes it a good fit for home and hobbyist even though the taste is not quite as good."