Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last, but certainly not least - The Master Bath

I never dreamed of having my own bathroom.  I grew up in a house with one bathroom so didn't know any different.  When we moved into this house having 2 1/2 baths was a dream.  Cleaning them isn't so much my favorite chore, but they are well worth it.  Having a bathroom next to my bedroom makes my life so much easier.  As someone who visits the bathroom at least once after I go to bed the proximity of bed to bath cannot be beat in this house.

We got rid of the blue in the bathroom.  It didn't match the cherry wood tones and granite at all (which I still don't really care for).  By painting the walls a more neutral color I think it toned down those areas.  We couldn't find a mirror that would fit in the space above the sink so Chris ordered the glass and made the frame.  Lucky gal I am that he can do that sort of stuff.

There is a nice jacuzzi tub that is more of a dust collector than anything.  Unfortunately I am not  patient enough of a person to take baths. 

And that's our casa.  Good thing I snapped these  photos because the upstairs is now in complete disarray as we are putting in hard wood floor!

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