Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cancer Gift Baskets

My moms friend Kate asked me to help with her Cancer Gift Basket project. She sells baskets with lots of goodies to help people during their treatments. A breast cancer survivor herself she found out what works and lots of times for stuff other than what its for. She asked me to work on the tags. I wanted a little cartoon Kate to put on the tags and I couldn't find something I liked or come up with something myself...so I south parked her! And she needed a male counterpart for men diagnosed so here is her buddy Duff! He is a lymphoma survivor and allegedly modeled after my moms cousin...living in a small town tends to make every other person your cousin.

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Mrs. B said...

Love it!! Suggestion on something to put in the basket - What about those fleece scarfs? The are fun and fancy and good to keep the chill away