Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Weekend

I had a fabulous weekend!

Friday night we went over to a new friends place, hung out, and watched a surf movie. Liz is an AMAZING photographer..check out here blog here.
Afterwards Arianne, Carly, & I ended up at Pala Casino for much more drinking and shenanigans. It got pretty crazy.
Saturday night Chris and I went with the Ditch's and Moses to Haunted Halloween at Universal Studios. It was easily the scariest night of my life. Crazy men with chain saws, people jumping out from every corner, it was absolute madness. The show was awesome..I couldn't stop laughing. We ended up getting home at 3am!
Sunday the girls came oer and we made halloween costumes. We were able to bang out every ones yesterday, but mine, which I'll do over the next few nights.
On Friday before we went over to Liz's I was able to make a drink coozie..which I think is the cutest. Unfortunately I don't really drink coffee or hot drinks from a paper cup, so I can't really use it, but i'll make a bunch for friends anyway.

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