Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And they're off....

Today is opening day at the Del Mar Racetrack. I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get to go again this year. However, tomorrow Chris' company has reserved a banquet room at the track for us to go and enjoy food/beverages and the races. I have an absolutely fabulous hat that will basically shield my entire face as its so HUGE...gotta love it!
I have been to another track and it can't even be compared to how beautiful this place is. You can see the pacific from the track and the weather is perfect almost every day. The track was financed by Bing Crosby, Jimmy Durante and a few other old time chaps. Crosby's song created the slogan for the track "Where The Surf Meats The Turf", which has been adopted by my Del Mar Residents as a town slogan.

We now live a mile from the track, which could result in more trips than in summers past. I'm just stoked for the season to start. If you've never been to a race, trust me it's totally worth it.

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